About Us

Welcome to Breezy Hill Water & Sewer. We are a non-profit water utility serving the Breezy Hill area of Graniteville, South Carolina.

In 1968 a group of citizens in the Breezy Hill area of Graniteville decided that the time was right for a public water system. The district was incorporated as the Breezy Hill Water & Sewer Co., Inc. on June 14, 1968. The Company was established as a not for profit corporation operated by an elected five member Board of Directors. In Dec. 1969, actual operations and pumping of water begin with 297 residential taps.

Word spread that a public water system was available and the system was expanded in the early 1970's to include Madison, New Hope, and into the Clearwater section of the county. By 1978, the system had been expanded to the Liberty Hill area of the County and out to Highway 25 on Ascauga Lake Road. Finally in 1991, the last increase in territory was completed by bringing the Sage Mill Industrial Park into the system's service area.

Breezy Hill provides sewer service to a small number of its customers and that system is continuing to grow. Currently, about 400 customers are served by sewer.

Today the system provides water service to approximately 5,500 customers. It operates 13 wells, 11 tanks, and purchases water from two other neighboring entities through master meters.

From an initial investment of $500,000 the system is now valued well in excess of $10 million dollars.